A Brief History of the Virginia Diocesan Center at Roslyn

The Virginia Diocesan Center at Roslyn (Roslyn) has provided meeting facilities and lodging for members of the Episcopal Diocese of VA as well as other churches and nonprofit organizations for more than 80 years. Donated by Miss Annie Rose Walker in 1934, Roslyn is the largest financial gift ever received in the Diocese of Virginia.  

Originally a 186-acre horse farm overlooking the historic Kanawha Canal (which was engineered by George Washington to facilitate the movement of soldiers and supplies along the James River) and the James River, the original buildings on the property were the farm house (now Powers Hall), the stables (now Tucker Hall) and the pump house (located behind Tucker Hall in the woods along the nature trail).

Miss Annie Rose Walker

Miss Annie Rose Walker

Powers Hall: formerly the farm house.

Powers Hall: formerly the farm house.

In its early days, Roslyn was utilized for diocesan committee meetings, clergy conferences and summer camps. Throughout the 1950s and 1960s construction was almost continuously underway as Walker Hall, the maintenance building and the picnic pavilion were built. The Ross and Hall lodges followed during the 1980s. The Dining Hall and Goodwin, Pullman and Palmer lodges were added in 2003. The Bishop’s Chapel was completed in 2010.

Roslyn's natural beauty, peaceful atmosphere, and hospitality continue to reflect the faithful and generous spirit of its original steward and benefactress, Miss Annie Rose Walker.


Staff, Trustees and Managers

Missy Kiene Jimenez

Reservations/ Guest Services MANAGER

(804) 288-6045 ext. 109

Kass Lawrence

executive director

(804) 288-6045 ext. 107


Beth Moore


(804) 288-6045



Memorial Trustees of the Virginia Diocesan Center at Roslyn


The Rt. Rev. Susan E. Goff, Chair
Major General L. H. Ginn III, Vice-Chair &
President of Roslyn Managers Corporation

Dr. David H. Charlton, Treasurer


Mr. Julian M. Bivins, Jr.
Mrs. Valerie L. Burke
Mr. Patrick Getlein
Mr. Lawrence E. Gibson
The Rev. Randolph M. Hollerith
Mrs. Fay G. Lohr

Legal Counsel:

Mrs. Helen Kemp, Esq.

Roslyn Managers Corporation


Major General L. H. Ginn III, Vice-Chair and President of Roslyn Managers Corporation

Mr. Fred Moore, Vice-President of Roslyn Managers Corporation


Mr. William B. Armstrong
Ms. Nancy Chafin
The Rev. Brent Melton