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Reservations, Contracts & Billing

When will I receive my contract after I have scheduled an event?

Your contract should arrive in the mail within two weeks of scheduling.

When is the signed contract and deposit (or purchase order for state groups) due for my scheduled event?

Signed contracts and deposits are due within two weeks of receipt of the contract.

Is my group required to send a deposit or a purchase order to secure my reserved space?

All groups (except state organizations) are required to send a 20% deposit to secure a reservation. All state groups are required to submit a purchase order to secure a reservation.

Are deposits refundable if we cancel our event?

No. Deposits are non-refundable and are applied to the final group invoice.

Can I use a credit card to pay my deposit?

Yes. MasterCard and Visa are accepted for deposit payments, as are cash and checks.

Who do I make my check payable to?

'Roslyn' or 'The Virginia Diocesan Center at Roslyn'

What is Roslyn's Federal tax ID number?


Does Roslyn take 'tentative reservations'?

No, unfortunately, we are unable to hold meeting space and lodge rooms without a signed contract and deposit or purchase order.

How early can we book our overnight retreat?

Episcopal and ELCA groups can book an overnight retreat up to three years in advance. All other groups may book an overnight retreat up to two years in advance.

How early can we book our day-only retreat?

We can book a day-only event up to one year in advance.

When is the payment for the remaining balance of our retreat due to Roslyn?

Your group will rec eive a final invoice within one week after your group departs Roslyn. The full payment is then due within two weeks.

Dining Services

How late do you deliver trays to meeting spaces?

9:00 pm

How early do you deliver trays to meeting spaces?

7:30 am

What is the latest time we can order a tray for our retreat?

All orders must be given to the kitchen no later than 72 hours prior to the event.

Can Roslyn accommodate vegetarians or guests with other special needs such as food allergies?

Yes, with advance notice.

Is our group able to choose our meal entrees?

Unfortunately, since all groups dine together in the main dining room, Roslyn cannot serve specific entrees to each group. However, we do try to honor special requests and accommodate each group's needs as much as possible.

Do all groups dine together in the main dining room?

Yes. All groups dine together at the designated meal times.

Do you assign tables for groups in the dining room?

No. Your group is welcome to sit wherever it wants. When the dining hall is crowded, we do ask that your group fills up each table.

Can our group eat outside in nice weather?

Yes. Guests are welcome to dine outside at our picnic tables or on the porch of the dining hall. It is important that guests return all dishes to the designated dish station in the main dining room upon completion of each meal.

What are the meal times?

Breakfast is served at 8:00 am

Lunch is served at 12:30 pm

Dinner is served at 6:00 pm (Please note: Friday dinner is served at 6:30 pm)

How are meals served at Roslyn?

All meals are served buffet-style.

Are box lunches available?

Yes. Please discuss box lunch needs with Roslyn's Guest Services Manager.

Meeting Spaces

Is there a refrigerator available for use if we bring our own snacks and drinks?

Refrigerators are available in Walker Lounge (in Walker Hall), Lower Gibson Hall, the Pavilion, and Tucker Hall. A mini-fridge is also located outside the Bishop's Private Dining Room. Groups are also welcome to use the refrigerator in the Powers Hall registration building.

When our group checks in, are we allowed to have a reception table in the registration lobby?

The reception area in Powers Hall is not recommended since it is small and foot traffic can be heavy. We recommend using a foyer in or near your meeting space. If this is not possible, we will try to find a space that is convenient for everyone involved.

Do the meeting spaces have air conditioning and heat?

Yes. Each meeting space is individually heated and air conditioned. Please see the front desk staff in Powers Hall to have the heat and air in the dining hall, chapel, and Walker lounge adjusted. Thermostats in Gibson and Tucker Halls and Walker assembly are all easily accessible.

Personal Retreats


Yes. Individual guests must be at least 18 years old. Guests under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult. NOTE: Adults and youth may share a room only if they are related.


Yes. Meals are available if we have groups in residence with prescheduled meals.


Payment must be made upon checking in at the front desk in Powers Hall. Cash, checks, MasterCard and Visa are accepted.


May we start our own fire in the lodge fireplace?

Guests are responsible for managing their fires. Wood, newspaper, fire starters, and matches are supplied. If you need anything else, please contact the front desk staff in Powers Hall for assistance.

What is the best way to assign people to the rooms you provide us?

In order for us to provide the best service possible, we need a complete list of participants that includes final meal counts for each scheduled meal no later than two weeks prior to your event. We assign all lodge rooms, so will need to know your guests' roommate preferences and/or any special needs (handicap accessible rooms, first floor rooms, etc.).

Can we put welcome items in lodge rooms (balloons, candy, welcome gift bags, etc.)?

Yes. Please make arrangements with the front desk staff in Powers Hall to pick up a master key so you can do this.

Are there TVs in the lodge rooms?

No. In order to maintain our peaceful and quiet retreat atmosphere, Roslyn does not have televisions in the lodge rooms. A television with a DVD/VCR player is available in each meeting space as well as the Powers Hall common room. Guests may borrow DVDs from Roslyn's collection at the front desk in Powers Hall.

What is in a lodge room?

There are two beds and a private bathroom in every lodge room at Roslyn. Each room also has a clock/radio and telephone.

Are there hairdryers in the lodge rooms?

No, but hairdryers are available at the front desk in Powers Hall.

How are phone calls charged in the lodge rooms?

All local calls are free. Long distance calls require a calling card, credit card or a collect call.

Can we call from room to room?

Yes. Every lodge room has an extension. To dial an extension, just dial 2 + the room number. For rooms 1 - 9, dial 20 + the room number. Instructions are posted on every phone.

Do the lodge rooms have air conditioning and heat?

Yes. Each lodge room is individually heated and air conditioned.

How many adult guests may sleep in one lodge room?

One or two guests may occupy one lodge room.

How many youth guests may sleep in one lodge room?

For families, we allow no more than two adults and two children (under 18) in one room. If the family includes more than two children, an adjoining room will be necessary. For more information on lodging for families, please contact Roslyn's Manager of Guest Services.

How late can we check into our lodge rooms?

The front desk in Powers Hall is open until 10:00 pm. After 10:00 pm, room keys are placed in an envelope labeled with the guest's last name and with a map to the assigned room. The envelope is then placed in the gold drop box outside the main door of Powers Hall. These keys may be picked up at any time.

What should we bring for our overnight stay at Roslyn?

Good walking shoes, an umbrella, and a flashlight are essential. The registration desk keeps a few supplies (toothbrushes, toothpaste, hairdryer, iron, etc.) in stock in case you forgot something.

Are linens provided in the lodge rooms?

Yes. All linens (sheets, towels and blankets) are provided.

What do I do if I have an emergency after the front desk closes for the evening?

If you have a medical emergency, please call 911 then call the main Roslyn number to be connected with the staff member who is on call for the night. If the emergency is non-medical, then please call the main Roslyn number to be connected with the staff member who is on call.

Picnics & Grounds

Does Roslyn have access to the James River?

No. Unfortunately, there is no public access to the James River.

Is sledding allowed at Roslyn?


Are pets allowed at Roslyn?

No (unless they are service dogs).

Which outdoor activities are available at Roslyn?

We have 150 acres of rolling hills and wooded area available for walking and relaxing. There is a Stations of the Cross trail in the woods to the right of Tucker Hall. A horseshoe pit and a volleyball court are located near the Pavilion for guests to use, as is a hammock near Powers Hall.

How early can we book our picnic event?

The picnic calendar opens every year on January 1 for the upcoming picnic season.

How long is the picnic season?

The Roslyn picnic season runs from April 1 - October 31.

Does our group need to clean up the Pavilion when our picnic is over?

Your group is responsible for your own clean-up. Please put all refuse and garbage in the containers provided in the pavilion.

May we provide alcohol at our picnic?

Alcohol is not permitted at Roslyn picnics.

Are catering companies permitted for our picnic?

No. Catering companies are not permitted; however your group may use the grills provided as well as bring your own food items. Roslyn offers catering for all picnics. If you would like Roslyn to cater your picnic, please click here for a catering order form (.pub).

Can we have a band play during our picnic?

We ask that loud music NOT be played at Roslyn picnics, as it may be disruptive to other guests and nearby residents.

General Info

Does Roslyn provide any games or activities for guests?

There are board games, puzzles, DVDs, and a reading library in Powers Hall. Please inquire at the front desk for details.

Does Roslyn have internet access available for guests?

Yes. Roslyn has free wireless internet access in the dining hall, Powers, Gibson, Tucker, and Walker Halls. Guests may also access the internet from their rooms in using the 'RoslynCLodges' access code. Groups meeting in and guests lodging in Tucker Hall can access the internet using ‘RoslynTHall’. There is also a guest computer with internet access and a printer in Powers Hall.

How long is the front desk open?

The front desk in Powers Hall is open from 7:30 am - 10:00 pm when guests are in residence. When the desk is closed, staff members are on-call to assist with guests' needs. When guests are not in residence the front desk is open from 7:30 am - 4:00 pm, Monday - Friday.