About Spiritual Direction


Spiritual direction is one of the most ancient ministries in Christian spirituality. This contemplative practice enables a seeker to experience a closer union with God. Spiritual direction usually takes the form of a companionship built on trust and conversation in which a trained and experienced person (director) guides another person (seeker) in his or her journey towards recognizing and understanding the ways in which God moves in human life. As such, spiritual direction maintains a focus on the presence and guidance of the Holy Spirit in the process.

You will explore the possibilities of the life path you find yourself on at any given time with a trusted guide who supports your efforts to keep your heart and mind open to God's communication and the ways to respond to it. Spiritual directors are good listeners, and sharing struggles of a personal nature within the context of spiritual direction can be appropriate from time to time, but spiritual direction is not counseling, psychotherapy, or financial advice. The relationship is intended to foster a deeper connection with God.