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Reflect on the Direction of and Potential of your Life using the Intensive Journal Program

Learn a powerful way to get to know yourself better, a tool to use through out life to work through issues such as personal relationships, transitions (marriage, career, retirement), deepen your spirituality, work with dreams and imagery, and much more.   Created by psychotherapist, Ira Progoff, PhD over 50 years ago, our program has helped thousands of people transform their lives.  


The program uses an integrated system of writing exercises that you learn at our workshops that are taught by our certified instructors.  You work in total privacy - no one comments on your life - in a reflective, meditative atmosphere.  The exercises help you access your inner process  and then learn how to work with your written material using Dr. Progoff's feedback process.  You don't have to like to write, nor be a good writer.


We are offering the three core workshops in the program - each is two days in length - beginning on August 11.  You can commute or reside at Roslyn Center, and take 1, 2 or all 3 programs.  The programs must be taken in sequence.

Continuing education credits are available in social work, nursing, coaching, and addiction counseling.

See   Call Jon Progoff at 800-221-5844 for more information, including an overview of program.